Company Profile & History

Syds Electric
Est. in 1941 and operated out of a residence in Burbank as Syds Electric, early projects included residential and commercial installations followed by local housing tracts and then larger commercial projects.

The Company moved to its present location in Burbank in 1947 this 4000 square foot facility included a two floor business office, with service yard (a 3750sq/ft warehouse and loading dock was added in 1956).

In the late 1950’s while continuing to service the surrounding community Syds Electric established an ongoing relationship with Lockheed where Syds Electric served as a Top Security Cleared Contractor working in all areas of Lockheed’s facilities throughout Southern California; including the renowned Skunk Works. The partnership lasted into the late 90’s when Lockheed relocated the bulk of its operations out of state. In addition to Lockheed, Syds Electric provided services and completed projects for Restaurants, Office Buildings, Movie Theaters, Brewery’s, Auto Dealerships, Parking Structures, Water Treatment Facilities, and Machine Shops.

Giddens Electric
In 1964 Gerald E Giddens Electric was established in North Hollywood by Syd's son Jerry. GEG moved to Glendale in 1968. GEG specialized in design build commercial construction. In 1979 Al Giddens went to work for his brother and the company was renamed The Giddens Corporation. Al purchased the company in 1986 and renamed the business to Giddens Electric. The business continued its design build installations along with over 100 installations for Security National Bank in California. Giddens Electric also performed installations in residential, commercial & industrial locations. At this time Giddens Electric added a low voltage division to perform data, telecommunications, security and fire alarm installs.

After the passing of Syd Giddens in 1991, Al Giddens moved Giddens Electric from its Glendale location to the Burbank offices of Syds Electric where Al took charge of both companies until 1997 when business operations were restructured into Giddens Electric under the direction of Al Giddens.

A.Giddens Electric, Inc.
In 2006 Al continued the family tradition and turned the business over to his oldest son Jeff and the company was renamed J.A.Giddens Electric,Inc. The business operated as JA Giddens until Jeff’s untimely death in Nov 2007 at which time J.A.Giddens ceased operations and Al re-established Giddens Electric in Dec 2007 under the name of A.Giddens Electric Inc.

A.Giddens Electric, Inc. continues to do design build installations and service customers in the following areas: restaurants, parking structures, churches, hospitals, factories, auditoriums, custom homes, offices, movie theaters, residential, computer rooms, tenant improvements, energy saving lighting retrofits Residential and Commercial Service.

In 2008 the company added a division to focus on PV Electric Solar System installations for both residential and commercial. The addition of this renewable technology has become a major focus of the company. Providing this service to existing customers and developing new relationships, A.Giddens Electric will continue the long tradition established back in 1941 by Syd of serving the community and assisting customers with their electrical needs.